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YOCOBA believes in the inherent potential of young people and strives to empower them by providing platforms for learning, personal development, skills enhancement and social activities (sport, music etc). YOCOBA conducts workshops, training programs, and mentoring initiatives to equip youths with the necessary skills in leadership, entrepreneurship, communication, and problem-solving. YOCOBA also encourages youth to see Agriculture as a career path through Agricultural programs like creating community gardens, poultry farming, plantain farming, cash crops and Agric businesses.

We encourage the youths to be interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Careers). YOCOBA is helping young people through their job creation training programs and innovative initiatives like mobile apps development, web development, graphic designing, Electrical installation, plumbing and sanitation, furniture design and fabrication, video editing, and social media marketing etc. We want to help youths become young innovators, job creators, and entrepreneurs who will not depend on the government for employment but create opportunities for themselves. We also encourage and support outstanding, innovative students with startup grants for businesses.

In order to empower women and young girls while promoting peace, unity, and solidarity and equally fight against gender base violence. YOCOBA organizes seminars that provides women and young girls with knowledge and skills that will help reduce the level of gender inequality. While in seminar sessions, some skills like cloth making (fashion and design), are introduced to the participants. Outstanding participants are awarded scholarships during and after this program. This initiative empowers women economically and equally encourages women entrepreneurs in the community hence, improve their standards of living.

YOCOBA promotes active community engagement among young individuals, encouraging them to take an active role in addressing social issues. The organization facilitates community service projects, volunteerism, and campaigns that foster inclusivity, environmental sustainability, education, healthcare, waste management campaigns, and other key areas of community development

YOCOBA works towards raising awareness about economic and social issues affecting communities and advocates for their resolution. Through various advocacy campaigns, public awareness drives, and partnerships with other stakeholders, YOCOBA aims to mobilize youth and society at large to address systematic problems and contribute to creating a more equitable and just society.

YOCOBA recognizes the power of collaboration and strives to build networks amongst youth organizations, government bodies, businesses, and civil society organizations. By fostering partnerships and promoting dialogue, YOCOBA creates a platform for the exchange of ideas, resources, and best practices, facilitating collective action and amplifying the impact of youth-led initiatives.

YOCOBA supports the capacity building of youth-led organizations and initiatives by providing training, mentorship, and financial assistance. By strengthening the capabilities of young leaders and organizations, YOCOBA aims to enhance their effectiveness in implementing sustainable development projects and programs