Operation Mosquito-Free: Community Clean-Up for Malaria Prevention

The “Operation Mosquito-Free” event is a community-led initiative focused on reducing the prevalence of malaria in the Farm Road Street area and its surroundings. By cleaning up the environment and eliminating breeding grounds for mosquitoes, we aim to create a healthier, safer living environment for all residents.

  • Health Impact: By targeting mosquito breeding sites, we directly address a significant factor in the spread of malaria, promoting better health outcomes for the community.
  • Community Empowerment: Join hands with fellow residents, volunteers, and local health organizations in a collective effort to make a positive impact on public health.
  • Education and Awareness: Gain valuable insights on malaria prevention strategies, environmental hygiene, and the importance of community-led initiatives in disease control.

Our vision is to significantly reduce the incidence of malaria in the Farm Road Street area and create a model community that demonstrates the power of proactive, grassroots initiatives in public health.

  1. To eliminate potential mosquito breeding sites in the Farm Road Street vicinity through a comprehensive clean-up effort.
  2. To raise awareness about the link between environmental cleanliness and the prevalence of malaria.
  3. To empower the community with knowledge and tools to sustain a malaria-free environment in the long term.
  • Participate in Clean-Up Activities: Join us on the 28th of November at Rapidvtc Farm Road Street Fiango Kumba to actively contribute to the clean-up efforts. Your participation can make a significant difference in reducing the risk of malaria.

  • Spread Awareness: Share information about the event and its objectives with your network. Knowledge is a powerful tool in disease prevention.

  • Support Local Health Initiatives: Partner with local health organizations to implement mosquito control measures and promote public health awareness in the community.

  • Donate or Sponsor: Support our cause through donations or become a sponsor. Your contributions will go towards necessary supplies and resources for the clean-up.


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